July 26, 2013

Lessons From Camp 2013

When we tell people that our annual vacation tradition consists of two weeks of camping in the duneside scrub pine forests of Cape Cod, they sometimes have a difficult time imagining how truly decadent that ends up feeling. 

So here, once again, is our post-camp photo journal, along with some related lessons we learned (or, in some cases, re-learned) at camp this year. (Clicking on pictures will give you access to a larger version of the same image.) It certainly felt luxurious to us!

Live it up!
(Just because you're roughing it,
doesn't mean you can't splurge.)

No hands. Definitely.

Design your own golf course.

Bring a friend.

Rain brings new opportunities.

Honor your traditions.

Use your imagination.
(There wasn't any rope, but most cars slowed.)

Look up.

Look down.

Change your perspective.

Find great teachers.

Ride the waves all the way in.

Bring books, and a head lamp.

(Thanks so much to our camping partners Sassafras Mama + JT, 
and our camping neighbors Kathia, Marc, + Kosma,
as well as to Aunt Chelle, Mickie, Grammy + Grampy, Grandpa + Nana, 
Ryan Garcia, Steve Erickson, the Pattons, the Rawleys,
Lorraine, Mike, Ray, Deborah,
and everyone else who conspired to make
our time at camp especially wonderful this year.

More great pics are available over at Sassafras Mama
(in this post and in this one!)
and if you have the time, treat yourself to a look 
at how these boys have GROWN
by checking out the posts 
from 201220112010, 2009, 20082007, and 2006.)

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kerrdelune said...

I absolutely adored this post, and thank you. It is always a pleasure to share these summer adventures with you!