July 21, 2014

Lessons from Camp 2014

And... we're back! And here is a photo-log of some of this year's lessons from camp:

Get help with the heavy lifting.

Honor the tradition of rescue.

Watch out for sharks.

What the heck, play with your food a little.

Invite a friend over for a game of bocce.

Everything tastes better when it's been cooked outside.

Do without digital... unless it's the World Cup!

Lean into the wind.

Wave at the whales... they might wave back!

(Thanks so much the K. family for the outstanding "loaner" boy!
Thanks, too, to faithful day-maker Wendy Cook, Tami K,
Auntie Nish and Junie of the long hand-written letter (!), the Issacs-Mellmans, who sent us mail from their vacation all the way out in BC, and Tante Dorit 
(who gets a gold star for sending us mail TWICE),
as well as to Hawai'i Johnny, the Channas, 
the Pattons, the Rawleys, the Garcias,
Emily, Lorraine, Mike, Ray, Deborah,
and everyone else who conspired to make
our time at camp completely fabulous this year.
If you want to jump into the wayback machine
you can do so by checking out the posts 
from 201320122011201020092008, 2007, and 2006.)


Anonymous said...

Nicely done!
Beautiful pictures with very nice captions. I especially like the theme and the bocce and the wind-leaning shots. chimchim

kerrdelune said...

Reading this post about your vacation made me smile and warmed my heart. Kudos by the clam bucket and the barge to all of you!